Confidential counselling
in a safe environment

Counselling at NEST is focused on developing confidence in yourself, your own decision making, building resilience and learning improved coping strategies so the individual can leave feeling empowered. Sarah is an experienced social worker who uses evidence based techniques to provide counselling that is flexible, individually tailored to suit your specific needs and confidential.

Sarah creates a space in which the individual can connect with their own physical body, developing strength and balance, providing opportunity to challenge yourself in safe ways, developing confidence within themselves and a self trust that may have been previously absent. Sarah combines verbal counselling, exploring with the participant their experiences, responses to these and previous methods used to cope, and then combine’s yogic techniques such as breath work and physical postures. These strategies improve mindfulness, enabling people to be more present in their lives and provide a sense of peace and stillness to busy minds.

Skills learned during sessions are particularly useful for the management of stress, anxiety and periods of adjustment, they provide a platform from which to reflect on past and present experiences, explore how these have impacted on you and adjust to be able to cope with this and move forward.

Counseling is suitable for all individuals and families including children and adolescents, sessions are tailored to meet specific need.

If you would like to find out more please contact Sarah at NEST Yoga.

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