Suzanne van den Heuvel – Yoga instructor & owner of Nest Yoga

Suzanne relocated to Perth from Holland in March 2020. She has extensive experience teaching yoga, in particular yin and myofascial release. Her classes have a strong anatomical focus with carful sequencing, and time allocated to relax.

Suzanne took ownership of Nest Yoga in May 2021 and is excited to take this little studio into its next phase of life.

Sarah Tucker – yoga instructor & social worker

Sarah started practicing yoga since the age of 18 when still living in England. She has completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015 at the Byron Yoga centre, and has been teaching yoga classes ever since.

Sarah has completed extensive further training in Yin yoga, Kids and teens yoga, advanced teaching practices, and pre and post natal yoga. Sarah teaches dynamic classes which focus on both strength and stability. They incorporate functional movement, Classes are thoughtfully sequenced to enable students to dive deep into their bodies and explore the joy of movement.


Rachael Berry – prenatal yoga instructor

Rachael initially loved the physical benefits her yoga practice brought to her healthy holistic life. Being surrounded by people in a very busy work environment it was made easier by the learning of the other aspects of yoga. Starting to awaken the soul, practicing mindfulness and opening the mind and heart to endless possibilities came a calling to explore and dive deeper into the practice of yoga.

Trained in Bhakti yoga, Rachael’s classes provide a space to nurture, be present, and to be compassionate to oneself. Rachael teaches students to become aware of the connections of mind, body, and breath. Leaving with an open heart and grounded feet.


Tara Shamprasadh – yoga instructor

You can find Tara on the mat at Nest Yoga every Tuesday evening for a creative Vinyasa flow and a gentle beginners class.


Sally Price – yoga instructor & kids yoga teacher

Sally is our lovely kids and teens toga teacher, in charge of the Wild Things yoga on Monday and Wednesdays. Besides that, she also teaches a challenging and creative flow class every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am.

Tarah Mountford – yoga instructor & nurse

Tarah teaches a dynamic 9am Sunday Vinyasa practice incorporating functional movement, anatomical instruction, and dynamic flow.
When not on her yoga mat, Tarah is an experienced ED Nurse, keeping us all safe!

Jess O’Brien – yoga instructor & vegan caterer

Jess is a warm and nurturing yoga teacher of variety of styles from yin to yang. Recently moving away from a full time career in the corporate world, Jess is familiar with the every day stressors that can stem from the flow and flux of life; this is ultimately what led her to completing her yoga teacher training. When she’s not teaching, Jess is a dedicated student who is always keen to continue learning and further her development. Off the mat, Jess’s other passion involves cooking, you could say food is her love language.


Pandora Jones – yoga instructor

Pandora has been practicing yoga for over 8 years. Her practice became her “quiet time” whilst working away in the maritime industry. The familiarity of practicing yoga felt like a welcome solace between busy days. Upon moving back to her hometown Perth last year, she decided to take the plunge and begin her 200 hour yoga teacher training. She graduated in late 2020 as a vinyasa yoga teacher and teaches across Perth at different studios. As well as a yoga teacher, Pandora is a watercolour artist and enjoys introducing her creativity into each yoga flow.

Daniel Fehr – yoga instructor & naturopath

Daniel fell in love with yoga the second he attended his first yoga class at 18 years old. A self described yoga philosophy nerd, Daniel has completed 470 hours of teacher training in India and right here in Perth.

When he’s not teaching you can find Daniel in his second love naturopathy.

He completed a Batchelor in health science and currently specialises in treating sleep, stress and immune conditions with herbal and nutritional medicine all from his online clinic via zoom. On his downtime he loves foraging for herbs during bush walks and making bespoke herbal medicine from locally grown plants.

Daniels teaching style is deeply grounding. The aim of his classes is always to provide students a safe space to cultivate time for themselves while stretching out the stressors of day to day life.

Come say hello every Sunday, 5pm Yin, breath and meditation & 6:30pm restorative.

Jodie Yearwood- yoga instructor & holistic counsellor

Meet Jodie! She provides us with a great start to your Thursday with a 6am Vinyasa flow.

Jodie has had the experience of teaching yoga and meditation all over the world, learning from so many different teachers from different backgrounds, as well as always learning from her students.

For her, yoga is a practice that brings you home. A practice that demands no judgement, accepts you for you and asks for compassion. What you find on your mat is only the beginning of your journey, it’s when you take what you learnt, discovered, found, and take it off the mat… that is where you continue your yoga journey.

In Jodie’s classes you will find a space for you to be you, to come home.

Maya Fernandez – yoga instructor

Meet Maya! You can find her on the mat every Saturday 3:30pm for Flow into Yin.

Maya first attended a yoga class at the age of 16, watching the teacher not only be so kind and compassionate to herself and her body but also invite the students to do the same was something that she has never forgotten and inspires her offerings today.

Moving mindfully into these postures invited her to understand the power of self-compassion, self-connection and that it was so okay to direct a whole lot of love to oneself.

After completing her teacher training, she learnt that this practice goes far beyond the poses we create on our mat, and that it can be integrated into all elements of our lives.

In class, Maya weaves breath and meditation in with mindful movement and hopes to create a space with students to practice the compassionate act of connecting back with ourselves.

Kristine Ragus – yoga instructor

Meet Kristine