Suzanne van den Heuvel – owner

Suzanne relocated to Perth from Holland in March 2020. She has extensive experience teaching yoga, in particular yin and myofascial release. Her classes have a strong anatomical focus with carful sequencing, and time allocated to relax.

Suzanne took ownership of Nest Yoga in May 2021 and is excited to take this little studio into its next phase of life.

Sarah Tucker – yoga instructor

Sarah started practicing yoga some what sporadically at the age of 18 when still living in England. Since then she has returned to the practice time and time again, eventually settling into a consistent routine.

Sarah completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015 at the Byron Yoga centre, and has been teaching yoga classes ever since.

Sarah has completed extensive further training in Yin yoga, Kids and teens yoga, advanced teaching practices, and pre and post natal yoga. She is currently studying under the guidance of Yoga medicine founder Tiffany Cruickshank and has completed in depth orthopaedic modules on both the hip and shoulder joints.

Sarah teaches dynamic classes which focus on both strength and stability. They incorporate functional movement, Myofascial release, asana, pranayama, and meditations. Classes are thoughtfully sequenced to enable students to dive deep into their bodies and explore the joy of movement and all the tingles and sensations this can create..

Rachael Berry – yoga instructor

Rachael initially loved the physical benefits her yoga practice brought to her healthy holistic life. Being surrounded by people in a very busy work environment it was made easier by the learning of the other aspects of yoga. Starting to awaken the soul, practicing mindfulness and opening the mind and heart to endless possibilities came a calling to explore and dive deeper into the practice of yoga.

Trained in Bhakti yoga, Rachael’s classes provide a space to nurture, be present, and to be compassionate to oneself. Rachael teaches students to become aware of the connections of mind, body, and breath. Leaving with an open heart and grounded feet. Yoga alliance registered, 220hr graduate with Yoga Arts, and currently studying Mindful Birth at Yoga space.

Jo Green – yoga instructor

Jo’s journey began just like many others; very simply, she wanted to be able to touch my toes so she began practising Yoga for its physical benefits such as strength and flexibility but soon she realised that it was much more powerful than anticipated. Jo fell in love with the practice and the positive effects it had on both her mind and body, on and off the mat. She is trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin and wholeheartedly believes that balance is key in every aspect of life; where we have Yang, we must have Yin.

Jo teaches a dynamic class that focuses on linking breath with movement to build strength, flexibility and balance. She will guide you through your practice providing alignment cues and modifications (perfect if you are a beginner or more advanced yogi). You will find this class both powerful and challenging and she hopes to have you leaving feeling a combination of relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered.

Sally Price – yoga instructor

Sally teaches teens yoga and Thursday 9.30am Flow align.

Tarah Mountford – yoga instructor

Tarah teaches a dynamic 9am Sunday Vinyasa practice incorporating functional movement, anatomical instruction, and dynamic flow.
When not on her yoga mat, Tarah is an experienced ED Nurse, keeping us all safe!

Jess O’Brien – yoga instructor

Jess is a warm and nurturing yoga teacher of variety of styles from yin to yang. Recently moving away from a full time career in the corporate world, Jess is familiar with the every day stressors that can stem from the flow and flux of life; this is ultimately what led her to completing her yoga teacher training. When she’s not teaching, Jess is a dedicated student who is always keen to continue learning and further her development. This year she plans on training in 25 hour advanced Yin with Hugh Lee. 300 hour Vinyasa with Kristine Ragus, and Women’s Nude Yoga with Rosie Rees. Off the mat, Jess’s other passion involves cooking, you could say food is her love language.

Rob Bullen – yoga instructor

Rob teaches Wednesday and Thursday early mornings at Nest.